24 Hours in Montréal

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Although we might think of Canada as being filled with wide open spaces and maple trees, which it is in some parts. There are also the cities that we seem to forget about. Mini France is what I would call it, of course, when you cross the border into Québec your French better be at top game and ready for the adventure ahead!

Montreal sits nicely by the river which makes it a lovely spot for water lovers, and people looking for a pretty city. The walking paths down by the Saint Lawrence River and Notre Dame are lovely. There are so many sides to this city, that it is hard to see all of it in just a short amount of time. So, let’s focus on all the cuteness this city has to offer… And of course the food.

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We spent about 24 hours in the old Montreal area, down by the ports which is pretty much just enough time to explore a little bit of everything. If you are into parks they have a wonderful city park filled with miles of walking trails called Mt Royal, if you like arts and music they have an abundance of street festivals going on all summer long. But, if you love exploring little cafes and darling spots then this is a perfect place for you to visit!

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Walk down the streets of Rue Saint Paul and Saint Catherine Street and you will find it all. Everything is so tiny and cute it is just lovely to head on over for a morning coffee and pastry, which are all fabulously French! I found myself enjoying the food and the darling cafe environment of Olive et Gourmando filled with amazing food and breakfast toasts, chia bowls, and everything healthy and tasty! Our morning was then followed by a walk down by the Saint Lawrence River.

Everything seems to come alive at night, the little streets are turned into gathering places, tables, and chairs set out for the cafes and restaurants. Clubs, music, and art is all around. We found a lovely little French restaurant called Les Deux Gamins off of a tiny street tucked away, it always amazes me when traveling what little gems you can find if you just walk around the corner.

I love exploring shops and cute places, this was a little harder in Montreal because everything is pretty much closed on a Sunday. But that did not stop us from adventuring around town on a lovely warm summer morning.

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Montreal is an experience, although it may seem just like the United States it really is a different country with a different language and lifestyle!

A trip back to Canada will definitely happen again in the future, I think it might be a fun adventure to explore the West Coast side too!