Relax and live.

Relaxation and the mind, not something I always talk about and for a few reasons. I like to think that we as humans can handle anything that is put in front of us, and yes, of course, we can. But sometimes we need a little help and for a lot of people that comes in many different forms.

Some people go to church, some people do yoga and meditate, and some people like me have no idea what to do when life gets stressful.. but that is okay! we are all learning as we live our lives and I think it is important to just find something that helps you relax, reconnect and think clearly when times get hard.

It can be as simple as just sitting down with a cup of tea on the front porch and thinking about things. I find that the biggest issue is people tend to freak out and sometimes without reason, it is easy, I mean I do this a lot too but, I try to find a way to get into my ” happy place”.


There are so many ways, and anyone can do this. Finding something that makes you happy can really relieve stress in your life and I am not just saying go shopping or something but, in fact, find something simple such as reading a book or sitting in a grassy field. Sometimes we as humans need to feel connected to the earth and to nature so walking by the beach, taking the hike in the hills, or just relaxing by a stream can really help your mind and body relax and be ready to deal with your daily life.

kaboompics_Picnic at the lakeshore

Another thing I have found to be an amazing trick is friends and family. Of course, we don’t always want to be around people when we feel frustrated and stressed by the world. But, when it is the right situation it can make all the difference. We need to laugh and be happy, it gives us joy and heals ourselves even if we don’t realize it. Having a small group of friends over for tea or lunch can help take your mind off things and enjoy the moment ahead.

kaboompics_Soft photo of woman on the bed with the book and cup of tea in hands

Maybe you want to be alone, and maybe the way you process stress is to curl up in a blanket and eat chocolate. That is perfectly fine too, you do what you need to do to help your mind relax. Take a nap in the hammock, sit and cuddle your cat, there are many ways to make ourselves feel happy, whole, and nourished. This is our life and we have the ability to make it beautiful and filled with relaxation.