San Francisco!

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San Francisco, the sights, and the food are two of the best things you can find in this city. Of course, there are so many more reasons to visit this beautiful place but I like to think it is one of those things that you don’t always know why you went, but you end up never wanting to leave.

San Francisco is an incredible city, I’m sure everyone knows that at least to some point. it has pretty much everything and enough for everyone to do while visiting. Here are some tips to exploring the city and food like a local!


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First off, the Embarcadero. Everyone should go down and explore the lovely water front area that sits on the bay. It is a wonderful and easy to walk to spot from Downtown and the underground city train system. The ferry building is a fabulous marketplace filled with little shops and food markets that have some of the best samples in town! The bakeries inside are amazing too, so grab a fresh pastry, a cup of coffee and hit the path to take a walk down to the piers and or Ghirardelli Square.

Even though Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square are known tourist spots there are some super fun things to do down there, fancy a visit to the wax museum, to more bread shops, or even some seafood for lunch. It is a great place to do a little shopping if you are out of town and want that iconic SF tee shirt.


The heart of SF lies just beyond all that hustle and bustle of the wharf, if you are one for a bit of walking then continue down to the Fort Mason area, there are some great picnic places and wide open grass fields. The Fort Mason center also has a night life food truck market called Off the grid which is super fun and defiantly something great to do at night with all the little lights and pop bars.

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Beach time! yes, since SF is surrounded by water on three sides it is a sure thing that you will end up at the beach at some point ( if you aim for it ) Baker Beach and Chrissy filed is a great beach that has a few miles of running/walking paths that lead to the golden gate bridge. Now that is a great view at sunset and a super fab evening relaxing activity.

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The trick to this city is food and finding it. Because there are so many amazing places to eat all over the city it can be hard to know where to start. But, luckily we’ve got you covered. If you want Italian simply pop over to Little Itlay as they call it, which is basically a small part of town that has an abundance of great Italian restaurants and also some great ice cream and gelato shops!

If you want Chinese, hit up the dragon’s gate area of Chinatown for authentic Chinese food. and of course, amazing French food is all around the city. The thing about SF is there are clumps of areas that have shops and foodie places, you just have to find them. Chesnut St, The Fillmore district, Market st, and the Marina district, as well as the mission and Castro district, are filled with food, shops, cafes, pubs.


One could spend days exploring SF, and yes it really is that big. Among all of the amazing things to do from the iconic cable car rides to city bike rentals, tours, local art exhibits, wine tastings, and the brilliant museums the city has to offer ( De Young, Legon of Honor, and SFMOMA ).

San Francisco is really a happy vibrant and happening city that is great to visit and explore at any time of the year, there is always something fun happening and some picturesque place to sit and relax for a few hours before off to the next city adventure.