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Happy, Healthy, Beautiful.

On the search for a fabulous and natural beauty brand? look no further because Real Purity is glowing straight to the top, and it is a natural glow of course!

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One thing that can be so hard is finding a great makeup brand that I feel is healthy enough to be using every day, and not to mention something that works! I have tried so many in the past few years and either they don’t last long enough when it comes to a foundation or lipstick or they simply just don’t work.

I love how real purity has gone the extra mile to make wonderful products without compromising healthy and organic ingredients with their tagline of ” From Nature To You “.

So, in this post, I wanted to share some products from their impressive makeup and beauty collection.

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First off the foundation, because we all know that this is probably the most thought about and important product when doing a full face of makeup. It is also the one that usually has the most room for error, not only is it on your skin daily and therefore should be made of healthy ingredients ( which it is ) it also says something about your personal style and all.

I love how their cream foundation has just the right texture, not to thick and not too bare that it has no coverage. I found that they have the perfect shade for me and as a result, this is truly my go-to foundation for just about anything! Events, photo shoots, or just a night out with the girls.

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Now if you are a lipstick lover then this is for you! They have a great verity of colors and a wonderful lipstick texture yet again ( no surprise as this company is rocking in almost every department so far ) But it is something you can actually feel good about putting on your lips. I have found it to be long lasting which is something that can be hard to find with natural lipsticks. Sometimes I like to mix and match a little to create a new color and this is just the perfect lipstick for that!

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Let’s think about our eyes, they are delicate and important, and so is the skin around them. I always think about how even if I don’t wear a full face of makeup I usually still do some eyeshadow and mascara. This is an important area to really think about using some good and healthy products because you are wearing makeup in a sensitive area and we want to give the best care to our bodies! I love their colors and formula for the eyeshadow, not too strong but also a slight shimmer makes it have the perfect glow for either day or night.

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The last product on this list is mascara, of course, we use it all the time and having a healthy alternative is something that can really benefit us in the long run. I love just how easy to apply their formula is, making your lashes look longer and a bit fuller but in such a natural way! A lot of mascaras are clumpy, too sticky and or just not right, but their lengthening mascara is just lovely!

I really want to give a big thanks to Real Purity for making such wonderful and healthy cosmetics, I think everyone should experience that fact that this is just the start to a more healthy lifestyle, and a beautiful one at that!

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