The Exploratorium After Dark

If you live in the bay area then I am sure you have heard of the Exploratorium. When we hear that name we think of a museum for kids and teens that involves since and is probably where you went for your 10th birthday. But, there is a whole new world that opens after dark.

Imagine exploring the coolest since projects in an 18 and over setting with a great beer. Yes, this is a reality at the Exploratorium every Thursday evening from 6-10pm. It’s called ” After Dark ” and it is amazing!

I had the opportunity to explore this event first hand, and of course, I brought along a friend to experience this adventure with. Everything is at first glance very scientific but once you enter the party starts. Think about combining a social gathering with a drink and some super cool exhibits.

The first stop we went to was the Tactile Dome, wow that is a mind-blowing adventure. You are able to explore your way through this dome that is filled with tunnels, slides, rope bridges and all just by touch and sound. It is completely dark and super cool! I definitely think that sets the scene for the night, as it opens your mind to all the possibilities and as the night goes on your find more and more throughout the Exploratorium.

Something my friend and I were really interested in was the virtual reality nature documentary done on the subject of the native people of Australia, I am so happy we had passes to this showing because it was yet again an incredible experience, to view for myself a documentary piece in 360 VR.

Can you believe that was only the first beginning of the night? time to grab a beer and explore the many many stations of creations that are alive at the museum. See the skyline of San Francisco build only out of toothpicks, find the tiny sculptures of magnetic sand which you can touch and create with. There are so many parts to this I just have to say it is a super fun experience to do with friends, keep in mind this is an 18 and up event, but a super fun one!

So grab a friend and hit up the Exploratorium after dark events which happen every Thursday ( and each time a different and incredible theme ) 5% off any individual After Dark tickets for events hosted through Nov. 30th. And $5 off any After Dark membership package (individual or dual) with code: FUTUREFOOD – visit their website to see their calendar and all the upcoming exciting events!

Last but not least I have to mention the colored motion camera art that we stumbled upon in the last half of our evening. It is a room with this big wall and if you move the wall creates a colorful delayed image which produces an amazing effect. It is a must try for all the photography and art lovers!