Holiday Candle Guide!

A lovely candlelit evening, warm cozy house and a nice cup of tea. All those things are what I think bring the holidays to life!

I wanted to share with you my holiday candle guide, this winter season brings so much joy and light that we should embrace the small things that make our home feel just a bit more fabulous.

If you want autumn to last a bit longer, and I know secretly we all do. Then here are a few autumn candles that will make you enjoy those happy fall days once again. After all, why not keep the magic alive.

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Let’s starts off with this glorious candle from Charleston Candle CO. They are a lovely little brand sells the most darling candles. Among their autumn collection is Pumpkin Palmetto. The fresh autumn fragrance is infused with nutmeg and cinnamon leaf essential oils, it is also phthalate free and all candles are made with all natural soy wax.

Not only is this candle naturally made, it is also an adorable autumn staple for your home. The scent is sweet smelling and fills your mind with pumpkin patches, autumn trees and all things cozy!

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I am totally loving this sweet scent from Celtic Rose Candle CO. It is full of exciting notes and fragrances all while reminding me of all the wonderful autumn vibes. This is a local company and I love finding great little brands to share with my friends and or as gifts. Most of them have equestrian themed names, which I just think is the cutest!

Sleepy Hollow is the perfect fragrance for fall snuggling and Thanksgiving eating. But this candle is only available September – December so get it while you can!. The scent has notes of clove leaf, cedarwood, and cinnamon.

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This might be one of my favorite autumn candles this year, if you are in the mood for pumpkin chai then this is for you! I found this brand called Agape candles and was surprised at just how sweet smelling and cute these candles are. This candle has welcoming notes of pumpkin, warm spiced chai and a dash of vanilla. Lighting up this pumpkin chai candle on a chilly autumn night or even during the day will for sure bring delight to your day.

Since winter is among us and the night are getting darker and colder, I always look for ways to bring the light and cozy feel back into my home. These are a few candles that I am absolutely in love with this holiday season and I look forward to lighting them up.

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Charleston Christmas. Yes, with the lovely notes of orange spice, fir and pine, an earthy smokiness, and is infused with natural orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine essential oils. This should be on your list for holiday gifts, warming up the spirit of Christmas. It reminds me very much of a cozy east coast winter home. Not to mention their design is a lovely addition to anyone’s living room!

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These might just be the cutest mini candles I have ever seen! Their winter collection is out now and makes the perfect gift for that candle loving friend, or just a gift to yourself this holiday season.

I love the mixtures of scents they have with, of course, my favorite probably being the Cardamon + Tonkia Noir. With tops notes of spice accord, orange zest, lemon peel, this brings the cozy winter feelings to anywhere you place the candle, making me smile all day. They have a lovely collection of candles made right here in California so be sure to give them a peak this holiday season. Check out Tule Fog Candles!

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Another little goodie from Celtic Rose Candles. This one being Carriage house, it is a lovely and classic scent, perfect for those who love the smell of top notes black tea, ginger, bergamot, cedarwood. I love how cute and stylish this candle is while having a very country feel to it. Ready to sit on the front porch while sipping a wonderful cup of tea all wrapped up in a blanket and enjoying this lovely little candle.

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If you are into a minimalist look then this is the elegant candle for you. From opening the box to holding the fine glass and wood wick candle to even smelling the beautiful scent. There is top craftsmanship in this and you can tell. This scent is Sweet #1 which is filled with top notes of cinnamon, clove has all the relaxing and cozy vibes.

I also love the Wood #2 with tops notes of fir, mistletoe. These candles are a perfect example of the styles on can find and trust me there is a perfect candle for everyone this holiday season. These elegant candles make great gifts and you can visit their online shop here

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Apple Pecan Sage, although not a usual winter scent, It is a beautiful candle. I love the simple design and glass candle jar. Just a sniff of this and you are immediately transported into a cozy winter cottage with fresh apples and a hint of something baked with cinnamon.

I adore this candle and the brand is also local in Californa! I love supporting local and soy wax candle brands. Their other scents like Cozy Cabin are wonderful for the cold chilly months! Check out their Etsy shop full of sweet-smelling winter treats.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday candle guide! Check out the video on Youtube as well. Every one of these brands and companies has such a wonderful collection of goodies this holiday season, so be sure to take a break and buy a candle or two.. they make great gifts!.