3 things I love about Autumn

It may be the cozy cups of tea, or even the fire burning the old logs in the fireplace but, really I think autumn is so much more.

It is a time to connect with yourself, to really relax and prepare for the colder winter months ahead. If you are like me then living in California with an array of sunshine and hopping summer activities, autumn comes just in the time when you might feel yourself slowing down and having to adjust with the less active lifestyle.

Of course, there is plenty to do in the colder months and so I wanted to share some things I enjoy and love doing that keep the excitement going throughout the whole year!

kaboompics_Variety of Pumpkins

Making your home feel cozy is I think one of the best benefits of the autumn season. I feel like you are really able to express your own style and autumnal vibes in a way that makes you happy. Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, they can be a great housewarming decoration throughout the months of autumn.

I love placing them around the house and porch area. It brings a sense of cozy into my everyday life. Make a wreath or get a cinnamon broom, filling up your room with happy scents will make autumn pop this year.

kaboompics_Autumn walk with dogs

There is so much fall foliage to be explored that it is the perfect time to take your pup for a walk. It is good for the soul as well as great exercise, since the days are getting colder it might be a great excuse to bundle up in that new fuzzy hat you are just dying to wear. I have to say that being out in nature can be an incredible part of having a good and positive outlook on the seasons changing.

I always find myself kind of sad when the autumn rolls around because I am such a summer lover but, when I have a chance to go out and actually explore the beauty I find myself loving it.

kaboompics_Wood trunks Wall

Keep the fire warm, one of the loveliest things about colder months is the fire and how you can stay warm and cozy all day long. Of course, you don’t have to have a fireplace for this, the concept is just that light and warmth makes your spirits brighter. Candles warm the heart and create a cozy and happy environment this season.