Winter Style Must Haves.

Being stylish in winter? It is possible! Here are some of my favorite must-have items that are very versatile and simple but of course super stylish.


First off I love scarves, as I am sure many of you have seen in all my fashion posts, Instagram pictures and all. I almost never wear a scarf in winter. They are great for so many reasons, not only are they stylish especially if you find a great tartan one.. nothing speaks winter more than plaid! But, also they give you an extra layer of warmth. If you live in colder places then I am sure you can agree with me that a scarf is your best friend throughout these chilly winter months.


Of course, if your neck is warm then your head should be too! not only are hats great for cold days but also they can hide your winter wind swept hair pretty well. They add a touch of color and style to your outfit while also being practical. I have to say, I love my winter beanie hats, I don’t wear them as often as I should but still, they are super fun to pop on and go out into the cold and snow.

But maybe you aren’t really a hat person, in which case use the scarf as a head covering, it still works really well. In fact sometimes when it rains I do that and actually, it helps!


Now moving on down to boots. Yes, these are the things that are not always stylish but do keep your feet warm. The question is why do we have to sacrifice style for comfort? well, we don’t always. There are a ton of high end looking winter snow boots that are super fashionable. And even the traditional snow boots sometimes have a comeback in the fashion scene. fake fur top lining on boots can give an extra warm and fuzzy look to your winter outfit. Poke around online and in shops, see what you can find. There are cute boots out there trust me!


Last but not least is coats, now anytime of the year, people wear coats. If you live near the coast like I do then you know your favorite coat/jacket is never too far away. I love finding really darling jackets that are perfect for a snowy day walk or even a ski down the mountianside. There are so many cute jackets and coats, from simple quilted pattern to plaid, and even colorful wholl ones. The options are endless and if paired with the right scarf and boots your outfit is going to be looking on point this winter!