My Gift Guide!

That time of the year has come around again, gift giving!

And although some people might be freaking out at what to gift their family and friends here are a few ideas this holiday season that are simple and easy yet so festive and cute!

Let’s start off with some cold weather clothing. Let’s face it, scarfs and gloves are super stylish and extremely useful during the cold winter months. Maybe you have snow on the ground or maybe just chilly frosty mornings.. These gloves are high-quality cashmere from a company in Scotland that handmakes all their scarves, hats, and clothing. This makes the perfect gift because not only are they extremely well made but they are also very useful and something that one will love for years to come!

Gloves: Brora

The scarf is also a great staple piece in gift giving, every year I give at least 1-2 scarves to my friends, it really is the perfect gift. This one is from Forever 21, I know not your typical fancy store but, they do have a great selection of outerwear in their store. I have found them to last and wear really well which is always a bonus when gift giving.

Scarf: From Forever 21 

Next, we move on to more accessories, wallet, and watch. Although not everyone needs a wallet and probably most people preach have one but is theirs vegan and completely cruelty-free? Maybe not. I stumped upon this brand a few months back and absolutely loved their products, high quality, and sleek design also made in Italy! I can’t say enough great things about them, they also have shoes and bags as well as more accessories too.

Wallet: from Noah

This watch is not currently on the market yet but will be released soon. I worked on a campaign with this company and wow their watches are cool! They have a few other styles that are currently available on their website. If you are looking for a higher end gift that is style and modern then this brand is just for you! Watches are always a great gift and something that people tend to forget about during the holidays. Be sure to check out their great selection of watch that is made in Switzerland.

Watch: from What Watches

Ah, candles, one can never have too many candles in their home. And yes, they are the perfect simple and meaningful gifts!

Ok, yes I might also be a bit of a candle lover but I have to say they really make great gifts, buy a nice big one and wrap it up in a pretty box or find some little ones to add to your already perfect gift. The options are endless!

This candle here is by Element, they have such lovely high-end candles that are modern and super sleek. I love the wood wick and how all of the scents are just so lovely and heartwarming! Definitely, check out their website and see what they have in store for you.

If you have a friend who is into the darling and cottage theme with their house then I think this P&Pcandle is a perfect home warming gift this Christmas! Being both cute and darling it brings back the holiday cottage feel with their lovely winter scents in a soy-based candle!

Candles: Element and P&P Candle Co 

Give the gift of makeup? Why not!

While not all makeup types can be easy to give for a gift, there still are a lot of thing within the realm to give as a great gift. Another bonus to this idea is organic and natural. Real Purity has a great collection of foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, you name it! I personally love this brand and use most of their makeup products. Gift giving season can be the perfect time to explore new things, and giving the gift of healthy makeup may just be the perfect thing!

Makeup by: Real Purity

Maybe you have more of a techie friend who likes small gadgets? Well here’s the thing for you. Tile is a small square that you can attach on your keys or purse to make sure if you ever lose it you can always find it again. They have 3 different styles, the pro version which is featured here, super cute and stylish! Then they have the sports one which is black and perfect for a guy, and also their regular simple and classic white one. These are also a perfect for $30 gift!

The Tile Square: Tile

Last minute gift tip! Let’s face it, we have all been there.. 2 days until Christmas.. no gift yet.. well I’ve got the thing for you! Subscription boxes are the perfect last minute gift. Since you aren’t responsible for the actual products inside the box you can just buy someone a month or 3 months worth of a subscription box which makes it hassle-free on your end and happy on theirs!

One of my favorite boxes this winter ( and actually almost the whole year ) is SipsBy. They are a tea subscription box which sends out a lovely curated box each month of some amazing teas to try! Nothing says Christmas or winter more than sipping some great tea by the fire. This really is a super lovely gift, and maybe perfect just for yourself too!

Tea box: Sips by

I hope you all enjoyed a little spread of some great gift ideas for this year! Be sure to check out some of these brands and see what they have. And when in doubt about a gift.. there is always chocolate! Happy holidays!

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. Products shown here may be from past sponsorships but the views and opinions are my own.