The Cabin life..

In the winter when you are feeling all those cozy vibes there is nothing better than sitting by the fire in a warm cabin in the woods surrounded by snow.


This is how I would spend every winter and Christmas if I could. Now living by the coast we never get any snow which has its ups and downs, but at least if I get in the car and drive to Tahoe there is snow to be found!

I love how all cabins give off such a cozy vibe, even in the summer. Here are some of my favorite winter cabin pictures so you too can daydream and be cozy just like me.


I love how old cabins are, for the most part, they have such details in their build, I love seeing the age in the wood and all the memories from years past.. There is also something so comforting about a wood built cabin in the woods or the countryside. I think we all need an escape place and this is mine!


I hope next winter I can spend the holidays in a fun cabin with friends and family, that would just be so amazing. Not to mention all the fun snow activities like skiing and sledding, bring on the winter fun!