January’s Outfit of Choice

Sometimes when I want a challenge I go to second-hand stores and see what little gems I can find by ways of new outfits. There is something very rewarding about finding unique brand name clothing pieces for your closet. I like to be as green and eco as possible, in our modern world it can be hard because things do not last as long and or just aren’t made from good material. So today I am going to talk a bit about my under $50 outfit.


First off let me just say that maybe second-hand stores are not your thing and you want brand new high-end fashion in which case this post is probably not for you but, if you are like me and love a good fashion find then join the club!

This outfit is stylish and classy, I like the white pants because although they are jeans and pretty darn comfy they are still very stylish and preppy. By adding white pants you up the level without sacrificing comfort. I also paired it with a simple black dressy top and a leather jacket and black heels. I think that is what really makes the outfit pop in terms of classic looks.



Jacket: My jacket is probably my new favorite second-hand find, I always wanted a shorter leather jacket and I am super happy I found one. Pairing the black with the white is very classy and that was the sort of look I was going for, as well as a little bit edgy too. Totally loving the pattern work on the collar part, I gotta say it is an all-around nice jacket! I think I found this for about $20 which is a total steal!


Top: I was super happy with this find. Not only is it Banana Republic but it is also super comfy and lightweight, while also being made from materials that are very stylish. I am sure you will see more of this piece in more upcoming outfits. Off the rack for about $10


Pants: Can’t go wrong with some white pants! although the only downside is that they can get dirty real fast. But, if you are just going for coffee with a friend or to an event then you are probably safe. I found these Nine West pants on the rack at a second-hand shop but they were pretty much brand new.. all in all another great find! And yet again, keeping with the $10 theme.


Shoes: I would say with this type of outfit almost any black shoes would work nicely, which is awesome! I opted for some classic black pumps to give this outfit a bit more of a preppy look. I also found these ( big surprise ) at a secondhand store and they are beautiful pumps by glint.

I hope you liked my outfit of the week! thinking about doing a spring clothing haul for under $100… What do you think?