Did Someone Say Smoothies?

It’s time people, to take the usual smoothie to the next level! as 2018 kicks off I want to share with you some of my tips and tricks to making your morning breakfast smoothie just that much for fabulous.

Of course, you may be a busy person who can’t spend hours looking for recipes or trying to ideas in the morning. I’m here to give you some simple recipes that can be used just as a base or even spiced up with all sorts of new fruits and veggies to make your mornings off to a great and healthy start!


Be Very Berry
A lot of people love berries and i mean who can complain? No, but seriously I love using them in my smoothies. Good blueberries and or blackberries can be the key ingredient to making a smoothie take amazing. Not only are berries filled with tons of health benefits they are also so rich in color and well, we all want to drink something that looks good right? Yes!

If I am going all out with berries I will typically start with a milk base ( whole milk, almond, or coconut ) 1 cup tends to work best. Next, i’ll add about half a cup of each type of berries whether that be strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries. You get my point. If you want a bit more of a creamy texture then add a banana or two. Hint: If you want more of an ice cream texture try a frozen banana and frozen berries.


Live Green
Ah, the greenies! yes, let’s live it up green! Being healthy does not always have to taste awful. If you are wanting to add more greens to your smoothies then there are a million ways to make it taste amazing. I usually will use a mixed green powder like blue-green algae. But, if I am going for fresh produce my favorite is spinach. You can really cram a lot of spinach into a blender and so you can feel good about your intake of greens.

I once had an amazing smoothie that had almond milk, cocoa, mint, and spinach as well as a hint of lemon and it was amazing! There are also a lot of other ways to add greens to your smoothies, try things such as a mixed powder, cucumber, and mint, kale, and cilantro for an extra kick! Of course not all of those at once.


Go Nutty
Looking for extra protein? well, nuts just might be your greatest option! I love adding walnuts to my base smoothie, it is almost like having a Snickers bar if you add some cocoa, except so much healthier!

With nuts, there are a not of options, from cashews to almond shreds, walnut pieces, and even pecan if you want a little extra sweetness. I personally would make a smoothie starting with my base ( banana and milk ) then adding some dates and walnuts to the mix. If you are feeling brave then explore different types of nuts in the base smoothie and see what you like. I know a lot of people have nut allergies so if that is you then, of course, do not make this smoothie. A little tip, although it is a seed, chia seeds are amazing in smoothies for a little extra boost to your diet. I love putting them in pretty much all my smoothies, especially the nut ones.


Keep It Clean
If basic and simple is what you like then welcome to the world of quick and easy! Sometimes when I am in a rush I make a very simple smoothie as I am running out the door. Whether it is milk and banana ( which is actually very good on its own ) or just orange juice and some mixed fruit, the options are endless. The nice thing sometimes about simple smoothies is that they are a good starter if you are just getting into the world of smoothies and want to explore with more options later. Still needing more recipe ideas? google that, there are millions of amazing and healthy recipes out there you can try. Let me know how it goes, I am always looking for new things to try!