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The Cabin LifeSometimes when I want a challenge I go to second-hand stores and see what little gems I can find by ways of new outfits. There is something very rewarding about finding unique brand name clothing pieces for your closet. I like to be as green and eco as possible, in our modern world it can … Read More


The Cabin LifeBeing stylish in winter? It is possible! Here are some of my favorite must-have items that are very versatile and simple but of course super stylish. First off I love scarves, as I am sure many of you have seen in all my fashion posts, Instagram pictures and all. I almost never wear a scarf … Read More


The Cabin LifeAh Autumn, and with that out comes all the warm and cozy sweaters, cute boots and plaid scarves! I love finding inspiration on Pinterest for all the autumn fashion feels, but I mean who doesn’t! Fall is the time to be sipping apple cider and chilling out on the porch! That said, it is also … Read More

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