My City Lookbook

I like to think of myself of as a stylish city girl. Of course, we always wonder what to wear in the city and so I thought I would show you a few stylish and city-ready looks! All of these looks are pretty simple and easy, most of them use the same staple pieces which … More My City Lookbook

San Francisco!

San Francisco, the sights, and the food are two of the best things you can find in this city. Of course, there are so many more reasons to visit this beautiful place but I like to think it is one of those things that you don’t always know why you went, but you end up … More San Francisco!

Relax and live.

Relaxation and the mind, not something I always talk about and for a few reasons. I like to think that we as humans can handle anything that is put in front of us, and yes, of course, we can. But sometimes we need a little help and for a lot of people that comes in … More Relax and live.

Cafes in SF

There are a number of wonderful cafes that we are blessed with here in the city! I love meeting a friend for a cuppa tea or coffee at a cute little cafe on our way to work or something. There are too many cafes to list in this post but I will share a spot … More Cafes in SF